At So Nourished, we strive to promote the low-carb, high-fat way of life. We’re proud to be at the forefront of the nutritional enlightenment.

Who We Are

So Nourished is a low carb company started by 3 low-carb dieters and entrepreneurs who have been living a keto lifestyle for over 4 years. You may know Rami and Vicky from Our mission is to help grow the keto industry through great product selection, news, recipes and eventually fund new studies and companies. We believe the world needs more keto and fewer carbs and that can only happen through widespread growth and education.

Our Founding Team

Rami Abramov
Rami Abramov

Vicky Ushakova
Vicky Ushakova

Yuriy Petriv
Yuriy Petriv

Our News Team

Executive Editor

Josh Burnett | Breaking News, Health & Fitness | Email


Ryan Mernin | Breaking News, Politics, & Economics | Email

Rebecca McCusker | Health & Fitness, Lifestyle | Email

Allison Lee | Health & Fitness, Technology | Email

Sarah Horvath | Lifestyle, Diet | Email

Amber Bogdanowicz | Biology, Medical Studies | Email

Tobias Roberts | Agriculture, Lifestyle | Email

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